(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:High Barbary Z:Webmaster C:Trad K:Bb D|D2G G2A|B3 c2-B|A3 B2A|D3 z2D| w:There were two lof-ty ships from - old Eng-land came. Blow D2-D3D|d2-d3D|G2-A B2-c|d3- d2B| w:high - blow low - and so - sailed - we - One d2d B2d|c2c A2c|B2B A2G|D3 B,2C| w:was the Prince of Lu-ther, and the other Prince - of Wales. Crui-sing D2G B2A|G3 G2F|D3 G2^F|G3- G2|| w:down a-long the coast of High - Bar-bar-y % W:1 W:There were two lofty ships from old England came, W:(ch) Blow high, blow low, and so sailed we, W:One was the Prince of Luther, and the other Prince of Wales, W:(ch) Cruising down along the coast of High Barbary. W: W:2 W:'A-loft there, a-loft!' our jolly boatswain cried, W:Look ahead, look astern, look a-weather, look a-lee, W: W:3 W:'There's naught upon the stern, there is naught upon the lee' W:'But there's a lofty ship to windward, a-sailing fast and free' W:. W:'I'm not a man-o-war, nor a privateer,' said he, W:'But I am a salt-sea pirate, a-looking for my prey'. W: W:4 W:Oh, 'Twas to broadside a long time we lay, W:Until the Prince of Luther shot the pirate's masts away, W: W:5 W:'Oh, mercy, oh mercy' those pirates then did cry, W:(ch) Blow high, blow low, and so sailed we, W:But the mercy that we gave them- we sunk them in the sea, W:(ch) Down along the coast of High Barbary % % % % % % % % % %]


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