(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:Hey Sandy Z:Webmaster C:Harvey Andrews K: W:ch W:Hey Sandy, hey Sandy why were you the one? W:All the years of growing up are wasted now and gone. W:Did you see them turn, did you feel the burn of the bullets as they flew? W:Hey Sandy, hey Sandy just what did you do? W:Hey Sandy, hey Sandy just what did you do? W: W:1 W:Well the sun was hot and the air was heavy as the marching men came by W:And you ran to the door and you watched then pass and you asked the soldiers "Why?" W:The sound of the steel and the black boot's heel were pounding in your head W:And your freedom's past, they have come at last, with the blessings of the dead. W: W:2 W:In the college square they were standing there with flag and with the gun W:And the whispered word as the young ones stirred was "Now at last they've come" W:And the air was still with the lonely thrill of now the hour is near W:And the smell of sweat was better yet than the awful stench of fear. W: W:3 W:Through the air the shout as you all ran out was "Why are these things done?" W:And you stood and you stared but no one cared for another campus bum W:And your songs were dead and the hymns instead were to the burning pyre W:And the words of youth, like love and truth, just ashes in the fire. W: W:4 W:Did you throw the stone at the men alone with their bayonets fixed for hire? W:Did you doubt that they would, say no one could, did you scream when they opened fire? W:As the square ran red and your bloodstain spread and the darkness round you grew W:Through the fear and the pain did you call the name of the man you never knew? % % % % % % % % % %]


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Andrews' song is about Sandy Scheuer, a student at Kent State University, who was shot dead by the US National Guard during a protest on May 4, 1970.

Song by Harvey Andrews

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