(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound Z:Webmaster C:Tom Paxton M:4/4 L:1/4


K:C E/2G/2 | G/2G/2G/A/2 G3/2 G/4G/4 | F/2F/4F/4 E/2E/2 D A/2A/2 | G3/2 G/2 F/2F/2F/2D/2 | w:It's a long and a dus-ty road, a hot and a hea-vy load And the folks I meet aint al-ways E3 E/2F/2 | G3/4G/4 G/2A/2 G A/2G/2 | F3/4F/4 E/2E/2 D A/2A/2 | w:kind Some are bad and some are good some have done the best they could Some have G3/2 G/2 F/2F/2 E/4C/4D/2 | C3 D/2E/2 | F F3/4D/4 E/2E/2D/2D/2 w:tried to ease my trou-bl-ing mind. And I can't help but won-der where I'm C B,/4B,3/4 A, z | z/2 F/2F/2F/2 E/2E/2D/2D/2 | C3 || w:bound, where I'm bound can't help but won-der where I'm bound % W:1 W:It's a long and a dusty road, a hot and a heavy load W:The folks I meet ain't always kind W:Some are bad, some are good W:Some have done the best they could W:Some have tried to ease my troublin' mind W: W:ch W:And I can't help but wonder where I'm bound, where I'm bound W:Can't help but wonder where I'm bound W: W:2 W:I've been wanderin' through this land, doin' the best I can W:Tryin' to find what I was meant to do W:And the people that I see look as worried as can be W:And it looks like they are wonderin' too W: W:3 W:Now I had a little girl one time, she had lips like sherry wine W:And she loved me till my head went plumb insane W:But I was too blind to see she was driftin' away from me W:And my good gal went off on a morning train W: W:4 W:And I had a buddy way back home, but he started out to roam W:And I hear he's out by Frisco Bay W:And sometimes when I've had a few his old voice comes a-ringin' through W:And I'm goin' out to see him some old day W: W:5 W:Well, if you see me passin' by and you sit and you wonder why W:And you wish that you were a rambler too W:Nail your shoes to the kitchen floor lace 'em up and bar the door W:Thank your stars for the roof that's over you % % % % % % % % %]


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Song by Tom Paxton

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