(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:I'm Looking For A Job Z:Webmaster C:Matt McGinn K: W:ch W:I’m looking for a job with a sky-high pay W:A four day week and a two hour day W:‘maybe it’s because I’m inclined that way W:But I never did like being idle! W: W:1 W:I don’t want glory and I don’t want fame W:I left school with a modest aim W:I went to the Labour Exchange for work W:Here is what I sang to the wee broo clerk W: W:2 W:Now that, says he, is a rare wee song W:To come frae a lad so big and strong W:Through the door on the left and take this card W:You can sing to the gaffer down in Harland’s yard W: W:3 W:I sang it to the gaffer but he thought me daft W:I’ve never even heard such a horse’s laugh W:He gathered around him all his men W:And as one big choir, they sang then W: W:4 W:Their voices rang o’er the riverside W:And it became the song of the Clyde W:Its words were heard the whole world round W:And it was known as the Clydeside Sound W: W:5 - Extra verse from.NSG. W:Well I found that job with the sky high pay W:A four day week and a two hour day W:I can’t believe my luck I’ve never had it so good W:Now I’m a politician down in Holyrood !! % % % % % % % % %]


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Song by Matt McGinn

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