(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 stretchlast X:1 T:Keepers And Poachers C:Trad M:6/8 L:1/4


K:Db D/4(F/4 |: F3/4)G/4A/2 F/2D/2F/2 | E/4(D/2D/2)C/4 D D/4D/4 | w:Come all - ye bold kee-pers come lis-ten -a-while. I will F/2G/2A/2 _c/2A/2c/4c/4 | d3/4_c/4B/2 A D/4(F/4 | w:sing you a sto-ry ythat'-ll cause you to smile Con-cern- F/2)G/2A/2 _c/2A/2A/4(d/4 | d3/4)_c/4B/2 A D/4(F/4 | w:*ing some poa-chers and kee-pers - al-so. That fought F/2)G/2A/2 F/4(D/4D/2)F/2 |1-5 E3/4D3/4_C/4 D5/4 | z z/2 z D/4F/4 :|6 E3/4D3/4_C/4 D5/4 | w:* in these co-verts - some win-ters a-go % W: W:1 W:Come all ye bold keepers, come listen awhile W:I will sing you a story that'll cause you to smile W:Concerning some keepers and poachers also W:That fought in those coverts some winters ago. W: W:2 W:Now when we go in boys good luck to us all W:Our guns they do rattle and the pheasants do fall W:But in less than ten minutes twelve keepers we did spy W:'Get you gone you bold poachers, how dare you draw nigh?' W: W:3 W:Says one to the other 'Now what shall we do?' W:Says one to the other 'We all will stand true.' W:So they did agree to all be as one W:And fight those twelve keepers 'til the battle was won. W: W:4 W:Now there's one, William Taylor, who won't run away W:When five of those keepers all on him did play W:Young Taylor being weary did sit down to rest W:Young Taylor was taken though he fought the best. W: W:5 W:Now the judges and jury to him they did say W:'If you will confess now, your sweet life we'll save' W:'Oh no' said young Taylor 'that won't do at all W:Now since you have got me, I will die for them all.' W: W:6 W:Now there's none like young Taylor, no never was yet W:There is none like young Taylor, no never was yet W:Now there's none like young Taylor, you keepers all know W:That fought in those coverts some winters ago. % % % % % % % % % %]


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