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K:G (d3/2 d/4)B/4 A (3 G/2E/2D/2 | G G G2 | (d3/2 d/4)c/4 B (3 A/2B/2d/2 | e A A2 | d3/2 B/2 A (3 G/2E/2D/2 | G G G2 | B3/2 c/2 (d/2 G) c/2 | A3/2 G/2 G z | (G3/2 G/4)G/4 A E | G G B/2 d3/2 | B3/2 B/2 d/2c/2B/2A/2 | G/2E/2E/2G/2 A2 | e A d G | c F (B/2 G)z/2 | F3/2 G/2 A (3 B/2^c/2d/2 | F E3/4D/4 D2 | G3/2 E/2 D E | G G A2 | (c3/2 c/4)c/4 B A | (d/2B/2)(A/2G/2) E2 | G3/2 E/2 D E | (G (3 (G/2)(B/2)d/2) e2 | G3/2 (A/2 B/2) g B/2 | A2 G z || % W: W:1 W:By Killarney's lakes and fells, Em'rald isles and winding bays; W:Mountain paths and woodland dells, Mem'ry ever fondly strays. W:Bounteous nature loves all lands, Beauty wonders ev'rywhere; W:Footprints leaves on many strand, But her home is surely there! W:Angels fold their wings and rest, In that Eden of the west W:Beauty's home Killarney, Heaven's reflex Killarney. W: W:2 W:No place else can charm the eye, With such bright and varied tints, W:Ev'ry rock that you pass by, Verdure broiders or besprints. W:Virgin there the green grass grows, Ev'ry morn Spring's natal day; W:Bright-hued berries daff the snows, Smiling winter's frown away. W:Angels often pausing there, Doubt if Eden were more fair, W:Beauty's home Killarney, Heaven's reflex Killarney. W: W:3 W:Music there for Echo dwells, Makes each sound a Harmony, W:Many-voic'd the chorus swells Till it faints in ecstasy. W:With the charmful tints below Seems the Heaven above to vie, W:All rich colours that we know Tinge the cloud-wreaths in that sky. W:Wings of Angels so might shine Glancing back soft light divine, W:Beauty's home Killarney, Heaven's reflex Killarney. % % % % % % % % % %]


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Song by Falconer and Balfe

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