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S: K:G P:verse zz/2G/4A/4 | B/2B/2 B/2(A/4G/4) | cc/2(B/4A/4) | B/2B/2 (c/4B/4)(A/4G/4) | B/2d/2 d/2(G/4E/4) | w:Waur hae ye been sae braw me lad Waur has ye been sae bran - kie - o - Waur B/2B/2 (c/4B/4)(A/4G/4) | cc/2B/4A/4 | (B/4c/4)(d/4B/4) A3/4G/4 | E/2G/2 G/2(B/4c/4) | w:hae ye been - sas - braw me lad - Cam - ye - by Kil-lie-cran-kie-o - P:chorus d/2D/2 D/2E/4^F/4 | E/2(D/4E/4) C/2(B/4c/4) | d/2D/2 d/2D/2 | B/2d/2 +fermata+d/2(G/4A/4) | w:An ye hae been wha I hae - been, Ye - wouldn-ae been sae can-tie-o, An - d/2D/2 D/2E/4^F/4 | G/4^F/4E/4D/4 C/2c/4c/4 | (B/4c/4)(d/4B/4) A3/4G/4 | E/2G/2 G/2 z/2 || w:ye hae seen wha I hae seen, On the braes o' - Kil - lie - cran-kie-o % W:1 W:Waur hae ye been sae braw me lad? W:Waur has ye been sae brankie-o? W:Waur hae ye been sas braw me lad? W:Cam ye by Killiecrankie-o. W: W:ch W:An ye hae been wha I hae been, W:Ye wouldnae been sae cantie-o, W:An ye hae seen wha I hae seen, W:On the braes o' Killiecrankie-o. W: W:2 W:Oh I fought at land, I fought at sea, W:At hame I fought my auntie-o, W:But I met the Devil and Dundee, W:On the braes o Killiecrankie-o. W: W:3 W:The bold Pictur fell with a fawr W:And Claver'se got a clankie-o, W:And I hae fled an Atholl gled, W:On the braes o' Killiecrankie-o W: W:4 W:O fie Mackay was gart ye lie, W:In the bush ayond the brankie-o W:Ye'd better kiss King Willie's boot, W:Than cam by Killiecrankie-o. W: W:5 W:There's nae shame, there's nae shame W:There's nae shame tae swankie-o, W:There's soor slaes on Atholl braes, W:An the De'il's at Killiecrankie-o % % % % % % % % % %]


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