(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:Kisses Sweeter Than Wine Z:Webmaster C:Pete Seeger C:Lee Hayes M:4/4 L:1/4


K:C P:verse z2 z F |: "Bb"d/2d/2d/2"F"(c/2 c/2) c c/2 | "G-"_B/2A/2G/2"D-"(F/2 F/2)G/2A/2B/2 | w:when I was a young - man and ne-ver been kissed - I got to "F"c c "D-"A F | "G"G/2A/2F/2(G/2 G3/2) F/2 | "Bb"d/2d/2d/2(c/2 "F"c3/2) c/2 | w:think-in' o-ver what I had missed - I got me a girl - I "G-"_B/2A/2G/2(F/2 "D-"F/2)G/2 A | "F"z c "D-"A3/2 F/2 | "G"G/2A/2F/2(G/2 G2) | w:kissed her and then --- Oh Lord I kissed her ag-ain- P:chorus "Bb"(_B4 | [M:2/4]"D-"A2) | [M:4/4]"G-7"G/2 F (D/2 D/2)E/2 "D7"^F | "G"(G4 | G4) | w:Oh - kis-ses sweet -er than wine -- "Bb"(_B4 | [M:2/4]"D-"A2) | [M:4/4]"G-7"G/2 F (D/2 D/2)E/2 "D7"^F | "G"(G4 |1-4 G2) z F :|5 G4 || w:Oh - kis-ses sweet -er than wine -He wine W:1 W:When I was a young man, never been kissed W:I got to thinkin' it over- how much I had missed W:So I got me a girl and I kissed her and then, and then W:Oh, lord, I kissed 'er again W: W:ch W:Oh kisses sweeter than wine W:Oh kisses sweeter than wine W: W:2 W:Well I asked her to marry and to be my sweet wife W:I told her we'd be so happy for the rest of our life W:I begged and I pleaded like a natural man W:And then, whoops oh lord, well she gave me her hand W: W:3 W:Well we worked very hard, both me and my wife W:Workin' hand-in-hand to have a good life W:We had corn in the field and wheat in the bin W:And then, whoops oh lord, I was the father of twins W: W:4 W:Well our children, they numbered just about four W:And they all had a sweetheart a'knockin' on the door W:They all got married and they wouldn't hesitate W:I was, whoops oh lord, the grandfather of eight W: W:5 W:Well now that I'm old and I'm a'ready to go W:I get to thinkin' what happened a long time ago W:Had a lot of kids, a lot of trouble, and pain W:But then, whoops oh lordy, well I'd do it all again % % % % % % % % % %]


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Song by Pete Seeger and Lee Hayes

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