(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:Leaving of Liverpool Z:Webmaster C:Trad O:England M:C L:1/8


K:C (CD)|:"C"E3G (FE) (DC)|"F"c2 (cA) "C"G2 CD|[1"C"E3G "F"(AG) (FE)| w:Fare--well to you,_ my_ own true_ love, I am go-ing far_ a-- w: ** bound for Ca--li--for-ni--a, but I "G"D4 z2 GF:|[2"C"EG GE "G"D3C|"C"C4 z2 (Bc)||"G"d3B G2(Bc)| w:way. I am know that I'll re-turn some day. So_ fare the well, my_ "F"c3A "C"G3F|"C"EG G>G "F"AG FE|"G"D4 z G GF| w:own true love, when I re-turn u-nit-ed we will be. It's not the "C"E2 EG FE DC|"F"c3A "C"G2CD|"C"EG GE "G"D3C|"C"C4 z2|] w:leav-ing of Liv-er-pool that griev-es me, but my darl-ing, when I think of thee. W:1 W:Farewell the Princes landing stage W:River Mersey fare thee well W:I am bound for Californiay W:A place I know right well. W:. W:ch. W:So fare thee well my own true love, W:When I return united we will be. W:It's not the leaving of Liverpool that grieves me, W:But my darling when I think of thee. W:. W:2. W:I am bound for California, W:By way of stormy Cape Horn W:And I will send thee a letter love, W:When I am homeward bound. W:. W:3. W:Farewell to Lower Frederick Street W:Anson Terrace and Park Lane W:And it will be a long, long time W:'Til I see you again. W:. W:4. W:I've shipped aboarda yankee ship W:Davy Crockett is her name W:And Burgess is the captain o'er her, W:And they say she's a floating shame W:. W:5. W:I shipped with Burgess once before W:And I think I know him right well, W:If a man's a sailor he can get along W:But if not then his life is hell. W:. W:6. W:A tug is waiting at the pier W:To take us down the stream. W:Our sails are set and the anchor is up W:And I'll say farewell once more. % % % % % % % % % %]


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