(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:Mr. Irishman Z:Webmaster C:Heather Jelbart % M:4/4 L:1/4


K:C "C"G A B2 | B B c B | "Dm"A2 "G"d d | B A "C"G2 | w:Hey hey hey mis-ter i-rish-man can't you un-der-stand z B B B | (B B d2) | e d c e | d2 z2| w:Sure-ly ye know - - all bombs should be banned - z B B B B | B d2 z | e d c e | d2 z2 | w:Now come and lis-ten - force won't make ye win z B c B A | A B d d | B A G2 | w:And we'll go through all the ter-rors once again - W:ch W:Hey hey mister irishman can't you understand W:Surely ye know all bombs should be banned W:Now come and listen force won't make ye win W:And we'll go through all the terrors once again. W: W:1 W:The child knows no better than to walk across your path W:Don't fully realise why ye wear that stocking mask W:To him it's just a game that makes a lot of noise W:The killing weapons in your hands are just like metal toys W: W:2 W:The old man in the public house was blown to bits this morn W:He never harmed no-one since the day that he was born W:But someone from the other side threw a bomb in the house next door W:And when the explosion endede he was dead upon the floor. W: W:3 W:Take the kids to Belfast on a Saturday afternoon W:It might be done in safety in an untroubled town W:But now there's armed men and the ever present fear W:Of a ticking box or gunman which might at time appear. % % % % % % % % % %]


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Song Notes

A song written and performed by a talented young friend of mine many years ago during the worst of the problems in Ireland. It portrays her own fears she had as a young girl.

Song by Heather Jelbart

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