(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 stretchlast %abc-2.1 X:1 T:Nottingham Goose Fair Z:Webmaster C:Trad K: W: W:1 W:Ye lads and lasses spruce and gay, attend unto my song, W:I hope you will not think it short, nor yet so very long; W:It's of the rigs and fancy prigs you'll meet with I declare W:If you'll but sport an hour or two at Nottingham Goose Fair. W: W:ch W:Then haste away, make no delay, to Nottingham repair, W:And if you're fond of fun and glee you'll find it at the fair. W: W:2 W:Let people talk of time so hard, of starving and the like, W:They'll find if to the fair they'll come they are mistaken quite; W:Here they may cram with beef and ham till their belly's like a drum, W:And swig such ale that ne'er can fail to send them rolling home. W: W:3 W:Then see what mountains of fine cheese are piled upon the ground, W:And geese with cackling music so sweetly sing all round; W:And sucking pigs and turkeys invite the hungry elf, W:Crying, “Come and buy, and then pray try if you can't please yourself.” W: W:4 W:When evening draws the curtain and bids the day goodbye, W:Why then unto the alehouses the lads and lasses fly; W:And there you'll find unto your mind what ne'er was known to fail: W:The joy inspiring tankard, boys, or far-famed Nottingham Ale. W: W:5 W:But still one caution let me give, you'll like me none the worse, W:There's friendship in't if I just hint, keep an eye upon your purse; W:For there are blades of memory short, full plenty in the town, W:May pop their fingers in your fob and think it was their own. W: W:6 W:So to conclude if come you will, our fair's rare sport to see; W:Enjoy your joke, laugh, drink and smoke, but keep good company; W:In moderation pleasure take, you're welcome to your share, W:You'll not regret you came, my boys, to Nottingham Goose Fair. W: % % % % % % % % % %]


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