(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:Now Thank We All Our God Z:Webmaster C:Catherine Winkworth (translator) C:Martin Rinkart (1636) (words) C:NunDanket (tune) MIDI program 19 M:4/4 L:1/4


staves [ (S A) (T B) ] V:S clef=treble V:A clef=treble V:T clef=bass V:B clef=bass K:F V:S c | "F" c c "Bb" d d | "F" c3 c | "Gm7" B A "F/A" G A | "Csus" G2 "Dm" H F | V:A F | E F F E | F3 E | D C C C | (F E) D | w:Now thank we all our God, with heart and hand and voi - ces V:T A, | B, C B, B, | A,3 F, | D, D, F, F, | C2 H A, | V:B F, | G, A, B, G, | F,3 A,, | G,, G,, A,, B,, | C,2 D, | % V:S c | "F" c c "Bb" d d | "F" c3 c | "Gm7" B A "F/A" G A | "Csus" G2 "F" H F | V:A G | F E D E | F3 F | F F F F | (F E) F w:who wan-drous things has done in whom His world re-joi - ces V:T C | A, C B, B, | C3 A, | B, B, A, A, | C2 HA, | V:B E, | F, F, F, G, | A,3 F, | D, D, C, C, | C,2 F, | % V:S G | "C/E" G G "F" A c | "Csus" G3 "C" G | "Am" A/2=B/2 c "Esus" d B | "Am" c3 | V:A C | C/2=B,/2 C C F | F2 E2 | E E A ^G | A3 | w:who, from * our moth-ers arms, has blesssed us on our way V:T G, | G, G, F, A, | C2 C2 | C C =B, E | E3 | V:B E, | (E,/2D,/2) E, F, F, | C,2 (C =B,) | A, A, E, E, | A,3 | % V:S c | "D" d c _B A | "Gm" B3 A | "F/C" G F "Csus" F E | "F" F4 || V:A A | A A G C | D2 F2 | F C C C | C4 || w:with count-less gifts of love, and still is ours today. V:T E | D D D C | B,2 B,2 | A, A, G, G, | A,4 || V:B G, | ^F, D, E, F, | G,2 D,2 | C, C, C, C, | F,4 || W:Now thank we all our God, With heart, and hands and voices, W:Who wondrous things hath done, In whom His world rejoices, W:Who from our mother's arms Hath blessed us on our way W:With countless gifts of love, And still is ours today. W:. W:O may this bounteous God Through all life be near us, W:With ever joyful hearts And blessed peace to cheer us; W:And keep us in His grace, And guide us when perplexed, W:And free us from all ills In this world and the next. W:. W:All praise and thanks to God The Father now be given, W:The Son, and Him Who reigns With Them in highest Heaven, W:The one Eternal God, Whom earth and Heaven adore W:For thus it was, is now, And shall be evermore.: % % % % % % % % % %]


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Song by Martin Rinkart and Catherine Winkworth

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