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M:2/4 L:1/8 K:F

 FF F F/2G/2| FD D3/2 D/2| GG G/2 G3/2| AG G3/2 G/2| 

Ac d2-| d c/2c/2 d G/2G/2| A3 F| GG G| A/2G/2| FD D D/2D/2| F F/2F/2 F F/2G/2| F D/2 D3/2 D/2D/2|

 G G/2G/2 G G/2G/2| A G/2 G3/2 G/2G/2| Ac d2-| d c/2c/2 dG| 

A3 F/2F/2| G G/2G/2 G A/2G/2| FD D2-| D4| % W:1 W:Crack the whip and bring the blood W:Make the leaders take the mud W:We've got the wheels and we turn them around W:One long hard pull and we're on hard ground W: W:ch W:To me rol to me rol to my rideo W:To me rol to me rol to my rideo W:To my rideo to my rudeo W:To me rol to me rol to my rideo W: W:2 W:On the fourteenth day of October-o W:I hitched my team in order-o W:To try the hills of Salado W: W:3 W:When I got there the hills were steep W:Would make another person weep W:To hear me cuss And crack my whip W:And see the oxen pull and slip W: W:4 W:When I get home among my friends W:That's where my toil and trouble ends W:And bid adieu To the whip and line W:And ride no more in the winter time % % % % % % % % % %]


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