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K:Bb G3 G B3 B | (A3/2 B/2 A) G F2 z F | B3 B A3 G | F3/2 G/2 F2 G2 z2 | w:Pas-tyme with good com__ pan- ye_ I love and shall un-tyll I dye_ B3 B B3 B | (A3/2 B/2) (A G) F2 z F | B3 B A2 G2 | (F3/2 A/2) F2 A2 z F | w:Gruche who lust but none_ de_ nye, So God be plesyd thus leve_ wyll I. For G2 A2 B2 z B |(A3/2 B/2) (A G) F2 z F | G2 A2 B2 z F | w:my pas-tance, Hunt syng_ and_ dance, My hart is sett: All G2 A2 B2 z B | G2 A2 B2 z B | (A2 G2) (^F2 G =F =E F) | G4 || w:good-ly sport, For my com-fort, Who schall_ me____ let. % W:1 W:Pastyme with good companye I love and shall untyll I dye: W:Gruche who lust but none denye, So God be plesyd thus leve wyll I. W:For my pastance, Hunt syng and dance, My hart is sett: W:All goodly sport, For my comfort, Who schall me let. W: W:2 W:Youth must have sum daliance Off good or yll sum pastance: W:Company me thynkes then best, All thoughts and fancys to detest: W:For idillness, Is chef mastres Of vices all: W:Then who can say But myrth and play Is best of all. W: W:3 W:Company with honeste, Is vertu from vices to flee: W:Company is good and ill But evry man hath hys fre wyll: W:The best ensew, The worst eschew, My mynde schal be: W:Vertu to use, Vice to refuse Thus shall I use me. % % % % % % % % % %]


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Song by King Henry VIII

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