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K:Bb P:chorus: "Bb"DDD DDC | B,3 |"Eb"EEE EFG | ("F"F3"F7"E3) | w:Pov-er-ty pov-er-ty knock The loom it say-ing all day "Bb"DDD DDC | B,3 |"Eb"EEE EFG | ("F"F3F3) | w:Pov-er-ty pov-er-ty knock The gaf-fer's too ski-nny to pay "Bb"DDD DDC | B,3 zz/2 |"Eb"EEE EFG | "F"(F3F2)F w:Pov-er-ty pov-er-ty knock Kee-pin' one eye on the clock - I "Bb"FFF F/2E3/2D | "Cm7"EEE (EF)E | "Bb"DCB, "F7"CB,A, | "Bb"B,3 z2z | w:know I can gut-tle when I hear my shut-tle go pov-er-ty pov-er-ty knock P: verse: "Bb"DDD DDC | B,3 z2 B, | "Eb"EEE EFG | "F"(F3F2) z | w:Up ev-ry mor-ning at five A won-der that I keep a-live "Bb"FFF FED | "Cm7"EEE EFE | "Bb"DCB, "F"CB,A, | "Bb"B,3B,2 C | w:Tir- ed an yaw-ning all on a cold morn-ing it's off to that drea-ry old drive. And it's % W:(chorus) W:Poverty poverty knock The loom it saying all day W:Poverty poverty knock The gaffer's too skinny to pay W:Pov-er-ty pov-er-ty knock Kee-pin' one eye on the clock W:I know I can guttle when I hear my shuttle go poverty poverty knock W: W:1 W:Up every morning at five, W:I wonder that we keep alive, W:Tired and yawning in the cold morning, W:It's back to the dreary old drive. W: W:2 W:Oh dear, we're going to be late, W:Gaffer is stood at the gate. W:We're out of pocket, our wages they're docket. W:We'll have to buy grub on the slate. W: W:3 W:And when our wages they'll bring, W:We're often short of a string. W:While we are fratching with gaffer for snatching, W:We know to his brass he will cling. W: W:4 W:We've got to wet our own yarn, W:by dipping it into the tarn. W:It's wet and soggy and makes us feel groggy, W:And there's mice in that dirty old barn. W: W:5 W:Oh dear, my poor head it sings, W:I should have woven three strings. W:But threads are breaking and my back is aching, W:Oh dear, I wish I had wings. W: W:6 W:Sometimes a shuttle flies out W:and gives some poor woman a clout. W:There she lies bleeding but nobody's heeding, W:Who's going to carry her out? W: W:7 W:Tuner should tackle my loom W:but he'd rather sit on his bum. W:He's far too busy a-courting our Lizzie, W:And I cannot get him to come. W: W:8 W:Lizzie is so easy led, W:I think that he takes her to bed W:She always was skinny, now look at her pinny, W:It's just about time they was wed. % % % % % % % % % %]


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