(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:Riddles Wisely Expounded C:Trad C:D'Urfey (1790/20) B:Pills to Purge Melancholy Z:Webmaster M:3/4 L:1/4


K:F A/2 B/2A/2 | G/2G/2 A/2B/2 C/2B/2 | [M:2/4] A B/2c/2 | [M:3/4] d d/2d/2 d/4e/4d/4c/4 | w:There was a la-dy in the north coun-try lay the Bent to the bonny__ d z/2 d/2 d/2c/2 | B d c/2B/2 | [M:2/4] A G/2A/2 | [M:3/4] A/2B/2 A/2G/2 A/2B/2 | G z/2 | w:broom And she had love-ly daugh-ters three, Fa la la la fa la la ra re. % W:1 W:There was a lady of the North Country, W:Lay the bent to the bonny broom W:And she had lovely daughters three. W:Fa la la la, fa la la la ra re W: W:2 W:There was a knight of noble worth W:Which also lived in the North. W: W:3 W:The knight, of courage stout and brave, W:A wife he did desire to have. W: W:4 W:He knocked at the ladie's gate W:One evening when it was late. W: W:5 W:The eldest sister let him in, W:And pin'd the door with a silver pin. W: W:6 W:The second sister she made his bed, W:And laid soft pillows under his head. W: W:7 W:The youngest daughter that same night, W:She went to bed to this young knight. W: W:8 W:And in the morning, when it was day, W:These words unto him she did say: W: W:9 W:`Now you have had your will,' quoth she, W:`I pray, sir knight, will you marry me?' W: W:10 W:The young brave knight to her replyed, W:`Thy suit, fair maid,shall not be deny'd. W: W:11 W:`If thou canst answer me questions three, W:This very day will I marry thee.' W: W:12 W:`Kind sir, in love, O then,' quoth she, W:`Tell me what your [three] questions be.' W: W:13 W:`O what is longer than the way, W:Or what is deeper than the sea? W: W:14 W:`Or what is louder than the horn, W:Or what is sharper than a thorn? W: W:15 W:`Or what is greener than the grass, W:Or what is worse than a woman was?` W: W:16 W:`O love is longer than the way, W:And hell is deeper than the sea. W: W:17 W:`And thunder is louder than the horn, W:And hunger is sharper than a thorn. W: W:18 W:`And poyson is greener than the grass, W:And the Devil is worse than woman was.' W: W:19 W:When she these questions answered had, W:The knight became exceeding glad. W: W:20 W:And having [truly] try'd her wit, W:He much commended her for it. W: W:21 W:And after, as it is verifi'd, W:He made of her his lovely bride. W: W:22 W:So now, fair maidens all, adieu, W:This song I dedicate to you. W: W:23 W:I wish that you may constant prove W:Unto the man that you do love. % % % % % % % % % %]


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T:The Devil's Nine Questions
D| G A B/2B/2 G| E G D3/2 G/2| B3/2 B/2 B A| 
B d z e| d B G B| G E D E/2G/2|\
G3/2 G/2 E D| E2 G||

T:Riddles Wisely Expounded (Bonnie Broom)
Q: 1/4=80
z2 z AB A| GGA Bc B| [M:2/4] A2 Bc|
[M:3/4] d2 dd ec| d2 z dd c| B2 d2 cB| 
A3 z GA| ABA GA B| G2 z4|

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