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K:G z3/2 z D/2 | G G/2 B B/2 | A3/4G/4A/2 G G/2 | w:One Sun-day morn as I’-ve heard say, Young B/2B/2B/2 d3/4d/4d/2 | c/2B/2c/2 B B/2 | w:Her-chard he moun-ted his Dob -bin grey, And d/2d/2B/2 d B/2 | d B/2 d d/2 | w:ov-er the hills he road a-main, A- e/2d/2c/2 c/2B/2c/2 | d c/2 B A/4A/4 | w:cour-ting the Par-son’s daugh -ter, Jane. Wi‘ me G3/4G/4G/2 B3/4c/4A/2 | B3/4c/4A/2 G z/2 || w:dum-ble-dum dol-ly-kin dum-bled-um day. % W: W:1 W:One Sunday morn as I’ve heard say, W:Young Herchard he mounted his Dobbin grey, W:And over the hills he road amain, W:A-courting the Parson’s daughter, Jane. W: W:ch W:Wi‘ me dumbledum dollykin dumbledum day. W: W:2 W:Young Herchard had on his Sunday clo’es, W:His buckskin britches and silken hose; W:A brand new hat upon his head, W:As were bedecked with ribbon so red. W: W:3 W:Young Herchard he rode without any fear, W:Till he came to the wome of his own sweet dear, W:He ups to the door, says “Hallo, hallo! W:Be the folks at home, say eez or no?” W: W:4 W:The servants they quickly let Dick in, W:So that his courtin’ might begin. W:And when he comes into the hall W:He loudly for Miss Jane doth ball. W: W:5 W:Miss Jane comes down without delay W:To see what Dickie had got for to say. W:He says, “I suppose ye do know, Miss Jean, W:As I be Herchard of Taunton Dean. W: W:6 W:“I’m an honest lad, though I be poor, W:And I never were in love afore, W:But Feyther, ‘e sent I out for to woo, W:And I don’t fancy no-one but you.” W: W:7 W:“If I consent to be your bride, W:Pray how for me will you provide?” W:“I’ll give ‘e all I can, I’m sure, W:And what can young lad do for ‘e more? W: W:8 W:For I can reap and I can sow, W:And I can plough and I can hoe, W:And I go to market with Father’s hay, W:And I earns me ninepence every day.” W: W:9 W:“Nine pence a day will never do, W:For I shall want silk and satins too; W:‘Twill ne’er be enough for you and I.” W:“Ah come,” says Herchard, “Us can but try. W: W:10 W:“For I’ve a pig poked up in a sty, W:As’ll come to us when Granny do die, W:And if you consent for to marry me now, W:Why, Feyther will give us his fine fat sow.” W: W:11 W:Dick’s compliments were so polite, W:He’d won Miss Jane afore it were night, W:And when her’d got no more for to say, W:Why, he gi’ed her a kiss and her comes away. % % % % % % % % % %]


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