(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:Song Of Proliferation Z:Webmaster C:Trevor Crozier K: W:1 W:I'll tell you a tale that'll turn you pale about a generous lad W:To lend a pound or stand a round was all the joy he had W:He'd a friendly smile, was free from guile and thought that life was fun. W:And his dad gave him a brand new car when he was twenty-one. W: W:spoken W:- - - Open-handed he was, generous to a tee. W: W:2 W:The pride and joy of this innocent boy was the pad where you abode. W:Commodious, luxurious, just off the Fulham Road. W:He went away on holiday and this he said to me, W:If you feed me cat you can kip in me flat, absolutely free. W: W:spoken W:- - - And we we clinched the deal over a prawn biryani, a stuffed palatal W:- - - and a bottle of Mexican burgundy, for which he paid. W: W:3 W:So I rung up Jim and I says to him "You'd better keep it dark. W:For there's room for you and a bird or two and it's warmer than the park". W:So I moved in and Jim moved in and a couple o' birds to boot. W:And because we were so popular our friends all followed suit. W: W:spoken W:- - - There was Tim Hart, Maddie Prior, The Yetties, The Pinewood W:- - - valley Ramblers from Nashville-on-Thames, Pete Smith; W: W:4 W:We quickly found the seven pound he'd left to pay the rent, W:And the meter too looks good as new, thought the lock's a trifle bent. W:We had a twinge on conscience and decided what to do W:So every body all put their name upon the I O U. W: W:spoken W:- - - There was Ewan MacColl, Bert Lloyd, The Singing Postman; W: W:5 W:We lived in state while we were 8 but soon a dozen more W:Who'd heard of us, got word of us, come knocking on the door. W:They brought their friends and odds and ends and furthermore they stayed, W:We drew the line at twenty nine and raised a barricade. W: W:spoken W:- - - By then the neighbours were beginning to notice: W: W:6 W:And one and all they banged on the walls the ceiling on the floor. W:They sent us nasty notices which we proceeded to ignore. W:They telephoned the station, out came the boys in blue. W:We heard the sirens screaming and we all hid in the loo. W: W:spoken W:- - - Which annoyed them. They left in high dudgen and 2 panda cars. W:- - - We left the bloke a note which read: W: W:6 W:"Welcome back, alas, alack, we've emptied all your shelves. W:We've drunk your drink and blocked your sink, but we've enjoyed ourselves. W:We're sorry about your records and the hole in you Persian mat. W:We regretfully admit that we forgot to feed the cat!" % % % % % % % % % %]


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Song by Trevor Crozier

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