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K: W:1 W:There's a beautiful land by the blue western sea W:And the name that I give it is the land of the tree. W:They mantle the mountainside stately and tall W:And the green scented cedars the queen of them all. W: W:2 W:The creeks that are born there are careless and free W:They laugh as they run from the hills to the sea. W:There's a lilt to their laugh as they hurry along W:And the wind in the cedars just echoes their song. W: W:3 W:When wild geese pass over in search of the sun W:And the world is in mourning for summer that's gone W:The snow lays its silence on house and on hill W:The Halls of the cedars are beautiful still. W: W:4 W:Now though I may wander this world far and wide W:Some day I'll come drifting back on the tide. W:I'll live by the cedars with mountains above W:And breathe the sweet air of the cedars I love. % % % % % % % % %]


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