(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:The Box Z:Webmaster C:Kendrew Lascelles N:Monologue K: W:Once upon a time in the land of hush-a-bye W:Round about the wondrous days of yore W:They came upon this kind of box W:All bound with chains and locked with locks W:And labelled "kindly do not Touch, it's WAR" W: W:A decree was issued round about W:All with a flourish and a shout W:And gayly coloured mascots tripping lightly on the fore W:"Do not tamper with this deadly box" W:"Don"t break the chains or pick the locks" W:"Please don't ever play about with war" W: W:Well the children understood W:Children happen to be good W:And they were just as around the time of yore W:They didn't try to break the chains or pick the locks W:They didn't play about with war W: W:Mommies didn't either W:Sisters aunts grannies neither W:They were quiet and sweet and pretty in those wondrous days of yore W:Fairly much the same as now W:Not the ones to blame somehow W:For opening up that deadly box of war. W: W:But someone did, W:Someone battered in the lid W:And spilt the insides out across the floor W:A Kind of bouncy bumpy ball, filled with guns and flags and all the tears and W:Horror and death, that goes with war. W: W:It bounced right out and went crashing all about W:And bumping into everything in store W:And what was sad and most unfair W:Is that it didn't really seem to care much who it bumped W:Or why, or what, or for. W: W:It bumped the children mainly W:And I'll tell you this quite plainly W:It bumps them evry day and more, and more W:And leaves them dead and burned and dying W:Thousands of them sick and crying W:Cos when it bumps W:Its really very sore W: W:Now there's a way to stop the ball W:It isn't difficult at all W:All it takes is wisdom W:And I'm absolutely sure W:We can get the ball back in the box W:And bind the chains W:And lock the locks W:No one seems to want to save the children any more W: W:Well that's the way it all appears W:That balls been bouncing round for years and years W:In spite of all the wisdom whiz since those wondrous days of yore W:When they came upon this kind of box W:All bound with chains and locked with locks W:And labelled "Kindly do not touch" W:"ITS WAR" % % % % % % % % %]


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Song by Kendrew Lascelles

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