(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 stretchlast X:1 T:The Cruel Mother C:Trad M:5/4 L:1/4


K:D A | G E D2 A | [M:4/4] G (F/2E/2) D2 | w:There was a La-dy dwelt in - York G3/2 F/2 G3/2 A/2 | B A2 F | w:Fal the dal the di-do She [M:5/4] A d d2 (=c/2B/2) | (A/2G/2) F G2 (F/2G/2) | w:fell in love with her Fa - ther's clerk Down - A d2 (A/2G/2) E | [M:4/4] F D z || w:by the green - wood side-o % W: W:1 W:There was a Lady dwelt in York W:(ch) Fal the dal the dido W:She fell in love with her Father's clerk W:(ch) Down by the greenwood side4-o. W: W:2 W:She laid her head against a stone W:And there she made most bitter moad W: W:3 W:She took a knife both long and sharp W:And stabb'd her babes unto the heart. W: W:4 W:As she was walking home one day W:She met those babes all dressed in white. W: W:5 W:She said dear children can you tell W:I shall go to Heav'n or Hell? W: W:6 W:O yes dear Mother, we can tell W:For it's we to Heav'n and you to Hell.


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