(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 stretchlast X:1 T:The Cuckoo C:Trad M:3/4 L:1/4


K:E C3/4 B,/4 | C c B3/4 G/4 | F3/4 D/4 B, (C3/4D/4) | E G F3/4 E/4 | C2 (C3/4 B,/4) | w:Oh the cu-ckoo she's a pret-ty bird she - sing-eth as she flies. She C c (B3/4G/4) | (F3/4D/4) B, (C3/4D/4) | E G (F3/4E/4) | C2 (C3/4D/4) | w:bring-eth good - ti - dings she - tell-eth no - lies. She E3/2 F/2 (G/2E/2) | (F/2E/2) F F3/4 G/4 | (A3/4B/4) c (G3/4E/4) | G2 (3(G/2A/2) B/2 | w:suck-eth white - flow - ers for to keep - her voice - clear And - the c (c3/4d/4) c3/4 B/4 | (G3/4F/4) (E3/4F/4) G | F3/2 C/2 E3/4 D/4 | C2 z | w:more she ~ sing-eth cuc ~ koo ~ the sum-mer draw-eth near W: W:1 W:Oh the cuckoo is a pretty bird she singeth as she fies. W:She bringeth good tidings and telleth n o lies. W:She sucketh white flowers for to keep her voice clear, W:And the more she singeth cuckoo, the summer draweth near. W: W:2 W:As I was a walking and talking one day W:I met my own true love as he came that way. W:O to meet him was a pleasure though the courting was a woe, W:For I found him false hearted he would kiss me and go. W: W:3 W:I wish I were a scholar and could handle a pen. W:I would write to my lover and to all roving men. W:I would tell them of their grief and woe that attended on their lies, W:I wish them have pity on the flower, when it dies.


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