(:redirect quiet=1:) X:1 T:The Cuckoo's Nest Z:Webmaster C: N:As sung by Barry Dransfield R: hornpipe M: 4/4 L: 1/8 K: Gmaj dc|B2 BA GB dg|fd cB ce dc|B2 BG (3EFG AB|c2 A2 A2 dc| B2 BA GB dg|fd cB ce dc|B2 BG (3EFG Ac|B2 G2 G2:||:Bc| dB GB dB GB|dB cA G2 AB|cA FA cA FA|cB AG G2 BA| G2 Bc dg ~g2|fd cB ce dc|B2 BG (3EFG Ac|B2 G2 G2:||:Bc| dg gf ga bg|af d^c d2de|=fe de ^fg af|gf dB ce dc| B2 BA GB dg|bg dB ce dc|B2 DE FG Ac|B2 G2 G2:| W:1 W:As I was a-walking one morning in May W:I met a pretty fair maid and unto her did say: W:“For love I am inclined and I'll tell you my mind W:That my inclination lies in your cuckoo's nest.” W: W:2 W:“My darling,” said she, “I am innocent and young, W:And I scarcely can believe your false deluding tongue. W:Yet I see it in your eyes and it fills me with surprise W:That your inclination lies in my cuckoo's nest.” W: W:ch W:Some like a girl who is pretty in the face, W:And some like a girl who is slender in the waist. W:But give me a girl that will wriggle and will twist: W:At the bottom of the belly lies the cuckoo's nest. W: W:3 W:“Then my darling,” says he, “if you see it in my eyes, W:Then think of it as fondness and do not be surprised. W:For I love you, my dear, and I'll marry you, I swear, W:If you let me clap my hand on your cuckoo's nest.” W: W:4 W:“My darling,” said she, “I can do no such thing, W:For my mother often told me it was committing sin W:My maidenhead to lose and my sense to be abused. W:So have no more to do with my cuckoo's nest.” W: W:(Chorus) W: W:“My darling,” says he, “it is not committing sin. W:But common sense should tell you it is a pleasing thing, W:For you were brought into this world to increase and do your best W:And to help a man to heaven in your cuckoo's nest.” W: W:5 W:“Then my darling,” says she, “I cannot you deny, W:For you've surely won my heart by the roving of your eye. W:Yet I see it in your eyes that your courage is surprised, W:So gently lift your hand in my cuckoo's nest.” W: W:(Chorus) W: W:So this couple they got married and soon they went to bed W:And now this pretty fair maid has lost her maidenhead. W:In a small country cottage they increase and do their best W:And he often claps his hand on her cuckoo's nest. W: W:(Chorus) % % % % % % % % %]


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