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K:G D | D3/2 D/2 D E | G2 c B | A3/2 G/2 E C | D2 F G | w:The win-ter it is past and the sum-mer's come at last And the A2 B c | d3/2 d/2 cB | A3 (A/2B/2) | w:small birds the | y sing on ev'ry tree. Their - c3/2 A/2 B c | d2 (c B) | A3/2 G/2 D C | !fermata!D2 D E | w:lit-tle hearts are glad but - mine is ve-ry sad since my G2 c B | A3/2 G/2 E C | (D4 | D) z2 || w:true-love is far a-way from me % W:1 W:The winter it is past and the summer's come atlast W:And small birds are singing in the trees W:Their little hearts are glad but mine is very sad W:For my true love is far away from me W: W:2 W:All you that are in love and cannot it remove W:I pity the pain that you endure W:For experience lets me know that your hearts are full of woe W:It's a woe that no mortal can endure W: W: W:3 W:A livery I will wear and I'll comb back my hair W:In velvet so green I will appear W:And it's then I will repair to the Curragh of Kildare W:For it's there I; ll find tidings of my dear W: W:4 W:The rose upon the briar and the water running free W:Gives joy to the linnet and the bee W:Their little hearts are blessed but mine is not at rest W:For my true love is absent from me. % % % % % % % % %]


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