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K: W:1 W:I learned to dance when I was a boy, W:And dancing was my greatest joy. W:I'll still be dancing when I grow old, W:When the seas run dry and the earth turns cold. W:My father taught me how to dance. W:He said it was a special chance W:To enjoy my life and learn to be free, W:An ordinary boy like me. W: W:2 W:Soon came the time to go to school. W:The teacher said I was a fool. W:You should have heard my school friends roar W:As I danced out through the classroom door. W:I didn't cry. I didn't fret. W:I'll teach myself the alphabet. W:I packed my bags that very same night W:And danced out into the morning light. W: W:3 W:I heard a cockerel herald the morn. W:I saw a new spring day be born. W:I heard the birds all rustle their wings, W:And everyone in chorus sing. W:I danced and danced as if to show W:The trees and flowers how to grow. W:I felt that I would never tire. W:I gave a yell and jumped up higher. W: W:4 W:And then a thought came into my head: W:The time had come for me to wed, W:And with my sweetheart true and wild. W:We heeled and toed it up the aisle. W:The people cheered. The thrushes sang. W:For miles around the church bells rang. W:The pubs were shut when we were wed, W:So we waltzed straight up to our wedding bed. W: W:5 W:Soon came children, one, two, three, W:And they all danced like their mother and me, W:But they soon lost the prize I'd earned, W:Soon forgot the steps they'd learned. W:When my dear wife died, I knew the day W:Had come for me to dance away, W:Over the mountain, over the sea. W:Nothing on earth can hold back me. W: W:6 W:But let me give you a word of warning: W:If you go out on a summer's morning, W:Around the corner and down the street, W:You'll hear the sound of my dancing feet. W:Don't come too close. Try not to hear. W:Just keep away; don't come too near, W:Or the dance may take you as it took me W:From lovers and friends and family. % % % % % % % % % %]


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Song by Bob Pegg

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