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K: W:1 W:Welcome in the Devil. Ask him what he's drinking. W:He's made another war. What was he thinking? W:He's murdering thousands, bloody and cruel W:He's ruthless and desperate using man as a tool. W: W:ch W:And Devil's the Sin, Devil's a germ W:And you don't know where he's been. W: W:2 W:Welcome in the Devil and give him a prize. W:He's quickest and meanest you can tell by his eyes. W:They're sadistic and mean. They're deep and they're black. W:They're cruel and they're sinister, there's no meanness they lack. W: W:3 W:Welcome in the Devil, he's a real pal to you. W:He'll bomb down Berlin if you only ask him to. W:But then he'll come back bomb down London and the 'Pool W:Throw 'A' bombs and 'H' bombs 'till peace talks fall through W: W:Then he'll send a note saying that he's sorry W:And live in perfect peace, 'til he finds another quarry % % % % % % % % %]


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Song by Lesley Cooke

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