(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 stretchlast X:1 T:The Green Wedding C:Trad M:4/4 L:1/4


K:D P:verse A/2 | A/2 D/2 D/2 A/2 A/2 A/2 B/2 A/2 | G/2 F/2 E/2 F/2 ((3G/4A/4G/4E/2) G/2 E/2 | w:There was a squire, lived in the East, A squire of high de-gree, ~ ~ ~ Who went D/2 D/2 D/2 E/2 (F/2 F/2) E/2 D/2 | G/2 F/2 G/2 E/2 A3/2 d/2 | w:cour-ting of a count-ry girl A come-ly girl was she. But d/2 A/2 A/2 B/2 (=c/2 c/2) d/2 B/2 | A/2 G/2 A/2 B/2 =c (B/2 A/2) | w:when her fa-ther heard of it an ang-ry man was he. He re- d/2 A/2 A/2 B/2 A3/4 G/4 E/2 D/2 | G/2 A/2 G/2 F/2 E F/2 E/2 | w:ques-ted of his daugh-ter dear to shun his com-pan-y. To my P:chorus D3/4 E/4 F/2 G/2 A Hd | "rall."A/2 G/2 E/2 =F/2 D "a tempo"^F/2 E/2 | w:ral-ly dal-ly di-do ral-ly dal-ly day. To my D3/4 E/4 "piu rall."F/2 G/2 A Hd | [M:2/4] "a tempo"A/2 G/2 E/2 =F/2 | [M:4/4] D3 z/2 z || w:ral-ly dal-ly di-do ral-ly dal-ly day % W: W:1 W:There was a squire, lived in the East, a squire of high degree W:Who went courting of a country maid, a comely girl was she. W:But when her father heard of it an angry man was he. W:He requested of his daughter to shun his company W: W:ch W:To my rally dally dido rally dally day. W:To my rally dally dido rally dally day. W: W:2 W:There was a farmer lived close by, he had an only son W:WSho came courting of this girl until her love he thought he'd won. W:Her mother gave him her consent her father his likewise, W:Until she cried "I am undone" and tears fell from her eyes. W: W:3 W:She wrote the squire a letter and seal'd it with her hand W:And she said "this day I;m to be wed unto another man" W:The first few lines he looked upon he smiled and thus did say W:"O I may deprive him of his bride all on his wedding day." W: W:4 W:He wrote her back another, go dress yourself in green W:In a suit all of the same at the wedding I'll be seen. W:In a suit allof the same to your wedding I'll repair W:O my dearest dear I'll have you yet in spite of all that's there. W: W:5 W:Helook'd East, he look'd West. He look'd o'er his land. W:And there came to him full eight score men all of a Scottish band. W:He mounted them on milk white steeds a single man rode he W:Then all the way to the wedding hall went the company dressed in green. W: W:6 W:When he came to the wedding hall, they unto him did say W:"You're welcome sir. You're welcome sir. How have you spent the day." W:He laughed at them he scorned at them and unto them did say W:"You may haver seen my merry men come riding by this way." W: W:7 W:The squire he took a glass of wine and filled it to the brim W:"Here is health unto the man," said he, "the man they call the groom." W:"Here's a health unto the man," siad he, "who may enjoy his bride - W:Though another man may love her to and take her from his side." W: W:8 W:Then up and spoke the farmer's son, an angry man was he. W:"If it is to fight you come here, 'tis I'm the man for thee." W:"It's not to fight that I am here, but friendship for to show W:So let me kiss your bonny bride and away from thee I'll go." W: W:9 W:He took her by the waist so small and by the grass green sleeve W:And he led her from the wedding hall, of no-one asking leave. W:The band did play, the bugles sound. Most glorious to be seen. W:And all the way to Headingbourne Town went the company dress'd in grenn.


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