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K:G C | G G A G/2G/2 | F E D G/2A/2 | B d c/2B/2 A/2G/2 | E3 w:In eigh-teen hun-dred and for-ty-six, And of March the eigh--tee-nth day, B/2c/2 | d d c B/2A/2 | c/2B/2 A/2G/2 F G3/4A/4 | B d c/2B/2 A/2G/2 | A w:We - hois-ted our col-ours to - the - mast And for Green-land sailed - a - way D D G3/4A/4 | B d c/2B/2 A | G3 z | w:brave boys, And for Green-land sailed - aw-ay. W:1 W:In eighteen hundred and forty-six W:And of March the eighteenth day, W:We hoisted our colours to the top of the mast W:And for Greenland sailed away, brave boys, W:And for Greenland sailed away. W: W:2 W:The lookout in the crosstrees stood W:With spyglass in his hand; W:There's a whale, there's a whale, W:And a whalefish he cried W:And she blows at every span, brave boys W:She blows at every span. W: W:3 W:The captain stood on the quarter deck, W:The ice was in his eye; W:Overhaul, overhaul! Let your gibsheets fall, W:And you'll put your boats to sea, brave boys W:And you'll put your boats to sea. W: W:4 W:Our harpoon struck and the line played out, W:With a single flourish of his tail, W:He capsized the boat and we lost five men, W:And we did not catch the whale, brave boys, W:And we did not catch the whale. W: W:5 W:The losing of those five jolly men, W:It grieved the captain sore, W:But the losing of that fine whalefish W:Now it grieved him ten times more, brave boys W:Now it grieved him ten times more. W: W:6 W:Oh Greenland is a barren land W:A land that's seldom green W:Where there's ice and snow, and the whale-fishes blow W:And the daylight's seldom seen, brave boys W:And the daylight's seldom seen. % % % % % % % % % %]


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