(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:The Little Gypsy Girl T:The Gypsy's Wedding Day Z:Webmaster C:Trad % L: 1/4=120 M: 6/8 K:A e ||: "A"e c/2 c d/2 | e3/2 A B/2 | "D7" C B/2 "E7sus4"A G/2 | "A"(A3/2A) e/2 | w: My fa-ther 's the king of the gyp-sies t-is true - My e e/2 (c/2d/2)e/2 | "F#m7"a a/2 g a/2 | "B7"f B/2 (B/2c/2)d/2 | "E"(e3/2e) z/2 | w: mo- ther she - has learn- ed me some cam- ping for - to do "A"e e/2 c c/2 | "F#m7"a a/2 g a/2 | "B7"f B/2 (B/2c/2)d/2 | "E"(e3/2e) e/2 | w: With my pack all on my back my friiends all wish - me well - And "A/C#"a c/2 "Amaj9"c d/2 | "Amaj7"e [e/2A/2] A B/2 | "D7"c B/2 "E7"d G/2 | "A"A3/2A e/2 | w: I went up to Lon- don town some for-tunes for to tell - Some "A"e e/2 (c/2d/2)e/2 | a3/2 g a | "B7"f B/2 (B/2c/2)d/2 | "E"(e3/2e) e/2 | w: for tunes for - to tell Oh some for-tunes for - to tell - And "A"a c/2c d/2 | e A/2 A B/2 | "D"cB/2 "E"d G |[1"A"(A3/2A) e/2:|[2"A"(A3/2A) z/2|] w: I went up to Lon-don town some for-tunes for to tell W:. W:1. W:My father's the King of the Gypsys tis true W:My mother she has learned me some camping fior to do W:With my pack all on my back my friends all wished me well W:And I went up to London Town some fortunes for to tell W:. W:ch. W:Some fortunes for to tell W:Oh some fortunes for to tell W:And I went up to London Town some fortunes for to tell. W:. W:2. W:As I was a-walking through fair London's streets W:A wealthy young squire, the first I chanced to meet W:He view-ed my brown cheeks, he lik-ed them so well W:Said he: My little gypsy girl, can you my fortune tell? W:. W:3. W:. W:Oh yes replied the gypsy girl, pray give to me your hand. W:Tis you that have good riches, both houses and good land. W:The fairer girls are dainty, but you must cast them by. W:For it is the little gypsy girl that is to be your bride. W:. W:4. W:He took me to his palace, there were carpets on the floor. W:And servants there were waiting to open every door. W:There were ladies there of honour and the music it did play. W:And all were there to celebrate the gypy's wedding day. W:. W:5. W:It's farewell to the gypsy worldand a-camping on the green. W:No more with my brothers or my sisters I'll be seen. W:For I was a gypsy girl and now I'm a squire's bride. W:With servants for to wait on me and in my carriage ride. % % % % % % % % % %]


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