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K:Eb B,/2 | E/2E/2E/2G E/2 | F/2F/2F/2 A F/2 | E E/2 G E/2 | C B,/2 E B,/2 | w:It's all ve-ry well to have a ma-chine To thrash your wheat and bar-ley clean To E/2E/2E/2 G/2G/2E/2 | F/2F/2F/2 A F/2 | B/2B/2B/2 B/2B/2A/2 | G F/2 E B,/2 | w:Trash it and win' it and fit it for sale Then go off to mar-ket so brisk and well. Sing E/2E/2E/2 G E/2 | (F/2F/2)F/2 A F/2 | B/2B/2B/2 (A/2G/2)F/2 |1-4 E3 | z z/2 z B,/2 :|5 B,3 |] w:rum-ple-dum-dai-ry flair - up Ma-ry Make your old tab -le shine % W: W:1 W:It's all very well to have a machine W:To thrash your wheat and barley clean W:To thrash it and win' it and fit it for sale W:Then go off to market so brisk and well W: W:ch W:Sing rumple-dum-dairy, flair up, Mary W:Make your old table shine W: W:2 W:The man who made her he made her so well W:He made every wheel and cog to tell W:While the big wheel runs, the little one hums W:And the feeder sits above the drum. W: W:3 W:At seven o'clock we do begin W:And we generally stop about nine or ten W:To have our beer and oil her up W:Then off we go 'til one o'clock W: W:4 W:There's old father Howard the sheaves to put W:While old Mother Howard she does make up W:And Mary she sits and feeds all day W:While Johnny he carries the straw away. W: W:5 W:Then after a bite and drink all round W:The driver he climbs to his box again W:And with his long whip he shouts 'All Right!' W:And he drives them round 'til five at night. % % % % % % % % % %]


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