(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:The Manchester Rambler Z:Webmaster C:Ewan MacColl % M:6/8 L:1/8 K:D A| FFF FDE| F3/2 F/2 F FDE| w:I've been over Snow-don, I've slept upon Crow-don I've camped by F F3/2 F/2 AAF| E3 z2 F| w:the Wayne - stones - as well. -I've GGG GEF| G2 G/2G/2 GEA| w:sun-bathed on Kin-der, been burned to a cin-der And A/2 A3/2 A CFE| D3 z2 D| w:many more things I can tell - My DFA dcB| A/2 E3/2 z z2 F| w:ruck-sack has oft been me pil-low The GFG BAG| F3 z2 A| w:hea-ther has oft been me bed And DFA d A3/2 F/2| G E2 z2 F| w:soo-ner than part from the moun-tains I GFG BAC| D3 z2 A/2A/2| w:think I would ra-ther be dead FD A/2A/2 FDA| GEE E2 D| w:ram-bler, I'm a ram-bler from Man-ches-ter way I CEG B/2 A3/2 G| FDD D2 F| w:get all me plea-sure the hard moor-land way I DFA dAF| G E2 z2 z/2 F/2| w:may be a wage-slave on Mon-day But GFG BAC| E D2 z2|| w:I am a free man on Sun-day % W:1 W:I've been over Snowdon, I've slept upon Crowdon W:I've camped by the Waynestones as well W:I've sunbathed on Kinder, been burned to a cinder W:And many more things I can tell W:My rucksack has oft been me pillow W:The heather has oft been me bed W:And sooner than part from the mountains W:I think I would rather be dead W: W:ch W:I'm a rambler, I'm a rambler from Manchester way W:I get all me pleasure the hard moorland way W:I may be a wage-slave on Monday W:But I am a free man on Sunday W: W:2 W:The day was just ending and I was descending W:Down Grinesbrook just by Upper Tor W:When a voice cried "Hey you" in the way keepers do W:He'd the worst face that ever I saw W:The things that he said were unpleasant W:In the teeth of his fury I said W:"Sooner than part from the mountains W:I think I would rather be dead" W: W:3 W:He called me a louse and said "Think of the grouse" W:Well i thought, but I still couldn't see W:Why all Kinder Scout and the moors roundabout W:Couldn't take both the poor grouse and me W:He said "All this land is my master's" W:At that I stood shaking my head W:No man has the right to own mountains W:Any more than the deep ocean bed W: W:4 W:I once loved a maid, a spot welder by trade W:She was fair as the Rowan in bloom W:And the bloom of her eye watched the blue Moreland sky W:I wooed her from April to June W:On the day that we should have been married W:I went for a ramble instead W:For sooner than part from the mountains W:I think I would rather be dead W: W:5 W:So I'll walk where I will over mountain and hill W:And I'll lie where the bracken is deep W:I belong to the mountains, the clear running fountains W:Where the grey rocks lie ragged and steep W:I've seen the white hare in the gullys W:And the curlew fly high overhead W:And sooner than part from the mountains W:I think I would rather be dead. % % % % % % % % % %]


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