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M:6/8 L:1/8 K:G d|g>fe edB|g>fg GBd|g>fe edB|ecA A2f| g>fe edB|g>fg a2b|g>fe ege|dBA A2|| B/c/|d2B d2B|g>fg G2 B/c/|d2B d2B2|ecA ABc| d2B d2B|gfg a2b|g>fe efg|dBA A2|| W:1 W:'Twas down by Carterhaugh Father, W:Between the water and the wall; W:There I met with a wee wee man W:And he was the least that ever I saw. W: W:2 W:His legs were scarce a finger's length W:And thick and nimble was his knee. W:Between his eyes a flee could go, W:Between his shoulders inches three. W: W:Chorus: W:His beard was long and white as a swan, W:His robe was neither green nor grey. W:He clapped his hands, down came the mist, W:And he sank and he's fainted clean away. W: W:3 W:He's lifted up a stone six feet in height W:And flung it farther than I could see. W:And though I'd been a giant born, W:I'd never had lifted it to my knee. W: W:4 W:'Wee Wee Man but thou art strong, W:Tell me where thy dwelling be.' W:'It's down beneath yon bonny green bower, W:Though you must come with me and see.' W: W:Chorus W: W:5 W:We rode on and we sped on W:Until we came to a bonny green hall. W:The roof was made of the beaten gold W:And purest crystal was the floor. W: W:6 W:There were pipers playing on every stair W:And ladies dancing in glistering green. W:He clapped his hands, down came the mist, W:And the man and the hall no more were seen.


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