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M: 3/4 L: 1/4 K: D A | "D" D2F | A2A | "G"B2G | "Em"E2D | "A7"CA,2 | F2E | "D"D3- | D2 || w: There was a Wild Col-on-ial boy, Jack Dug-gan was his name. A | "D"A2d | d2A | "Em"c2B | E2E/F/ | "A7"G2A | c2B | "D"A3- | "A7"A2 || w: He~was born and raised in Ire_land in a place called Cas-tle-maine. A | "D"A2d | d2A | "Em"c2B | E2F | "A7"G2A | c2B | "D"A3- | "A7"A2 || w: He was his fath-er's on-ly son, his moth-er's pride and joy. A | "D" D2F | A2A | "G"B2G | "Em"E2D | "A7"CA,2 | F2E | "D"D3- | D2 |] w: And dear-ly did his par-ents love the Wild Col-on-ial Boy. % W:1 W:There was a Wild Colonial boy, Jack Duggan was his name. W:He was born and raised in Ireland in a place called Castlemaine. W:He was his father's only son, his mother's pride and joy. W:And dearly did his parents love the Wild Colonial Boy. W: W:2 W:At the early age of sixteen years he left his native home, W:And to Australia's sunny land he was inclined to roam. W:He robbed the rich, he helped the poor, he stabbed James MacEvoy. W:A terror to Australia was the Wild Colonial Boy. W: W:3 W:One morning on the prairie, wild Jack Duggan rode along W:While listening to the mockingbird, singing a cheerful song. W:Out jumped three troopers, fierce and grim; Kelly, Davis and Fitzroy. W:They'd all set out to capture him, the Wild Colonial Boy. W: W:4 W:Surrender now, Jack Duggan, come; you see there's three to one. W:Surrender in the Queen's name, sir; you are a plundering son. W:Jack drew two pistols from his side, and glared upon Fitzroy W:I'll fight but not surrender, cried the Wild Colonial Boy. W: W:5 W:He fired a shot at Kelly, which brought him to the ground. W:He fired point bank at Davis, too, who fell dead at the sound. W:But a bullet pierced his brave young heart, from the pistol of Fitzroy. W:And that was how they captured him, the Wild Colonial Boy.


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