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M:3/4 L:1/8 K:G P:verse G2 | G3 A G2 | E2 D2 B2 | B2 A2 B2 | c6- | c4 w:I've been a wild ro-ver for ma-ny's the year- dd | d2 B2 d2 | c2 A2 F2 | D2 B2 A2 | G6- | G4 w:And I spent all my mo-ney on whis-key and beer- G2 |G2 A2 G2 | E2 D2 B2 | B2 A2 B2 | c6- | c4 w:But now I'm re-turn-ing with gold in great store Bc | d2 B2 d2 | c2 A2 F2 | D2 B2 A2 | G2 || w:And I ne-ver will play the wild ro-ver no more P:chorus F2 G2 | A2 z4 | A2 z4 | F D3 z2 | z2 z2 z2 | w:And it's no, nay, ne-ver, z2 B2 B2 | B2 A2 B2 | c6 | z2 w:No nay ne-ver no more B2 c2 | d6- | d2 B2 G2 | F2 E4- | E4 E2 | w:Will I play - the wild ro-ver-- No D2 B4- | B4 A2 | G6- | G4 || w:ne-ver-- no more-- W:. W:1. W:I've been a wild rover for many's the year W:And I spent all my money on whiskey and beer, W:But now I'm returning with gold in great store W:And I never will play the wild rover no more. W:. W:Chorus: W:And it's no, nay, never, W:No nay never no more, W:Will I play the wild rover W:No never no more. W:. W:2. W:I went to an alehouse I used to frequent W:And I told the landlady my money was spent. W:I asked her for credit, she answered me "nay W:Such custom as yours I can have any day." W:. W:3. W:I took out from my pocket ten sovereigns bright W:And the landlady's eyes opened wide with delight. W:She said "I have whiskey and wines of the best W:And the words that I told you were only in jest." W:. W:4. W:I'll go home to my parents, confess what I've done W:And I'll ask them to pardon their prodigal son. W:And when they caress me as ofttimes before W:Sure I never will play the wild rover no more.:


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