(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 stretchlast X:1 T:The Wizard Of Alderley Edge Z:Webmaster C: Pete Coe K: % W:1 W:From Mobberley on a bright Morning, W:On a snow-white pure-bred mare, W:A farmer rode to Macclesfield W:To sell her at the fair. W:Over Alderley Edge he took his path W:Where the day is endless night, W:The farmer stopped in a shroud of mist W:For a man all dressed in white. W: W:ch W:From Macclesfield to Mobberley W:If you have wares to sell, W:Don't leave the path at the Wizard's Inn W:Or drink at the Wizard's well. W: W:2 W:"Well met!" said the man as he stood in the path, W:"Won't you sell to me your mare?" W:The farmer said "She's not for sale W:'til I get to Macclesfield fair." W:"Well you can stay all day at the fare, W:No bidding you will hear. W:I'll await your return to this very same place W:As the evening it draws near." W: W:3 W:The farmer he was a puzzled man, W:As he rode into Macclesfield town, W:For admiring glances all that day W:Would never fill his purse with crowns. W:So he returned a bitted man, W:As the sun fell in the sky, W:And just as he said that morn, W:The wizard did draw nigh. W: W:4 W:"Now you must sell to me your mare W:For silver and bright gold." W:And he led the farmer and his mare W:Down a passdage dark and cold. W:He led them through some iron gates W:And to a great rock wall. W:Like moles they went, nigh double-bent W:'til they came to the sleeper's hall. W: W:5 W:With fear this farmer wide did gaze W:And loudly did he moan, W:For full dressed knights each with a mount, W:Except for one alone. W:"These are King Arthur's gallant men, W:Who await on England's need. W:So fill your purse and leave your mare W:And leave the edge with speed." W: W:6 W:This farmer returned a very rich man, W:Though his story caused him pain. W:For those who would search for the iron gates W:Did search the Edge in vain. W:But some do say that old Nell Beck W:Did find the iron gate W:And some do say she stricken was W:With the March Hare as her mate.


Further Information About The Wizard Of Alderley Edge

Song Notes

The first song Pete Coe wrote apparently. I think about the time he came to the Meadow in Ironbridge, where I first met him.
Based on the legends surrounding Alderley Edge in Cheshire, England which also inspired Alan Garner's book, The Weirdstone Of Brisingamen

Song by Pete Coe

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