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M:2/4 K:C G | c d e d | [M:5/8] e2 c/d/ e f | [M:2/4] g3 (e/f/) | w:It's of three jol-ly but-chers as I've heard ma-ny say gc (d/e/)(f/e/) | c2 (G/B/)_B | AF (G/A/)=B | c3 || w:They were go-ing to - some mar-ket town their mo-ney for to pay % W:1 W:It's of three jolly butchers as I've heard many say W:They were going to some market town their money for to pay W: W:2 W:They rode together for a mile or two and a little more besides W:Said Johnson unto Jipson "Stop I heard a woman cry" W: W:3 W:"Then stop I won't" said Jipson, "And stop I won't" said Ryde W:"Then stop I will" said Johnson, "For I heard a woman cry" W: W:4 W:So Johnson he alighted and viewed the place around W:And saw a naked woman with her hair tied to the ground W: W:5 W:"How came you here?" said Johnson, "How came you here?" said he W:"Two highway men have robbed me that you can plainly see" W: W:6 W:Then Johnson being a valiant man a man of courage bold W:He took the coat from off his back to keep her from the cold W: W:7 W:Then Johnson being a valiant man a man of valiant mind W:He sat her up upon his horse and mounted up behind W: W:8 W:And as they rode along the road as fast as they could ride W:She put her fingers to her lips and gave three piercing cries W: W:9 W:Out sprang ten bold highwaymen with weapons in their hands W:They strode up to young Johnson and boldly bid him stand W: W:10 W:"Stand I will" said Johnson "as long as ever I can W:For I was never in all my life afraid of any man" W: W:11 W:Then Johnson being a valiant man he made those bullets fly W:Till nine of them bold highwaymen all on the ground did lie W: W:12 W:This wicked woman standing by young Johnson did not mind W:She took a knife all from his side and stabbed him from behind W: W:13 W:This day it being a market day and people passing by W:They saw this woman's dreadful deed and raised a hue and cry W: W:14 W:Then she was down to Newgate brought bound down in irons strong W:For killing the finest butcher as ever the sun shone on


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