(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:Three Score And Ten Z:Webmaster C:Trad M:4/4 L:1/4 K:D D/2E/2| F F3/4 E/4 F3/2 z/2| F F F3/2 A/2| B A D3/2 E/2| F3 A| w:Me_thinks I see some lit-tle craft, sprea-ding their sails a-lee, As A3/2 G/2 G G | GF/2-E/2 F D/2F/2| A A G F| E3D/2-E/2| w:down the Hum-ber they do_ glide, all bound for the Nor-thern Sea; Me-thinks F F F D| F A2 A| B/2 A3/2 D E| F3 A| w:I see on each small craft, a crew with hearts so brave, Go- A A B3/2 A/2| A/2 c3/2 c3/2 B/2| A/2 G3/2 F E| D2|| w:ing down to earn their dai-ly bread upon the rest-less waves. % W:1 W:Methinks I see some little craft, spreading their sails a-lee, W:As down the Humber they do glide, all bound for the Northern Sea; W:Methinks I see on each small craft, a crew with hearts so brave, W:Going down to earn their daily bread upon the restless waves. W: W:(chorus) W:And it's three score and ten, boys and men, were lost from Grimsby town, W:From Yarmouth down to Scarborough many hundreds more were drowned; W:Our herring craft, our trawlers, our fishing smacks as well, W:They long defied the bitter night, and battled with the swell. W: W:2 W:Methinks I see them yet again as they leave the land behind, W:Casting their nets into the deep, the herring shoals to find; W:Methinks I see them yet again and all on board's all right, W:With the sails close reefed and the decks cleared up and the side lights burning bright. W: W:3 W:Me thinks I've heard the skipper say, "My lads, we'll shorten sail, W:The sky to all appearances is like an approaching gale." W:Methinks I see them yet again, and the midnight hour has passed, W:And the little craft was battling there all with the icy blast. W: W:4 W:October's night was such a sight, 'twas never seen before, W:There were masts and spars and broken yards came drifting in to shore; W:There was many a heart in sorrow, there was many a heart so brave, W:There was many a valiant fisher lad did find a watery grave.


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