(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:Tramps And Hawkers Z:Webmaster R: waltz M: 3/4 L: 1/8 K: Dmaj DE|F2A FED|E2F D2B,|A,2B, D2E|D4 FG| w:Come_ all ye tramps and_ haw-ker-lads an' gai-ther-ers o' bla' That_ A2A FGA|BdB AFE|D2E FED|B,4 FG| w: tramp the coun__try roun' and roun', come list-en aine_ and_ a'. I'll_ A2A AFA|BdB AFE|D2E FED|B,3 D2E| w:tell to you_ a rov-ing tale, of pla_-ces I_ have been, Far F2A FED|E2F D2B,|A,2B, D2E|D6|| w:up in-to the sno-wy north, or sooth by Gret_na Green. W:1 W:Come all ye tramps and hawker-lads an' gaitherers o' bla' W:That tramp the country roun' and roun', come_ lis-ten aine and a'. W:I'll tell to you a roving tale, of places I have been, W:Far up into the snowy north, or sooth by Gretna Green. W: W:2 W:Oftimes I've laughed unto myself when trudgin' on the road, W:My tore rags round my blistered feet, my face as brown as a toad's. W:Wi' lums o' cake an' tattie scones Wi' whangs o' braxy ham W:No giein a thought frae whaur I come an' less tae whaur I'm gang. W: W:3 W:I've done my share o' humpin' wi' the dockers o' the Clyde, W:I've helped in Buckie trawlers haul the herrin' o'er the side. W:I helped to build the michty bridge that spans the busy Forth W:And wi' mony an Angus fairmer's trick I plooed the bony earth. W: W:4 W:I'm happy in the summertime beneath the bright blue sky, W:No thinkin' in the mornin' where at night I'll hae to lie. W:In barn or byre or anywhere dossin' out among the hay W:And if the weather treats me right I'm happy every day. W: W:5 W:I've been by bonny Gallowa', an' often roun' Stranraer, W:My business leads me anywhere, I travel near an' far. W:I've got that rovin' notion, I wouldna like tae loss, W:For It's my daily fare an' as much'll pay my doss. W: W:6 W:I think I'll gang tae Paddy's Lan', I'm makin' up my mind, W:For Scotland's greatly altered noo, I canna raise the wind. W:But if I can trust in Providence, if Providence should prove true W:I'll sing ye's a' of Erin's Isle when I come back to you.


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