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K:A z A, C | E A E2 C3/2 A,/2 | D E D2 (B,2 | w:I'm a free-born man of the trav-lling peo-ple M:2/2 B,2) C D | E E G A | w:- Got no fixed ab-ode, with B c B G | [M:3/2] A2 E2 G A | w:no-mads I am num-bered. Coun-try B c B2 A G | A G F2 (E C) | w:lanes and by-ways were al-ways my ways D F E E D B, | =G,2 A,2 z2 |] w:Nev- ver fan-cied be-ing lum-bered % W: W:1 W:I'm a freeborn man of the travelling people W:Got no fixed abode with nomads I am numbered W:Country lanes and bye ways were always my ways W:I never fancied being lumbered W: W:2 W:Well we knew the woods and all the resting places W:The small birds sang when winter time was over W:Then we'd pack our load and be on the road W:they were good old times for the rover W: W:3 W:In the open ground where a man could linger W:Stay a week or two for time was not your master W:Then away you'd jog with your horse and dog W:Nice and easy no need to go faster W: W:4 W:And sometimes you'd meet up with other travellers W:Hear the news or else swop family information W:At the country fairs we'd be meeting there W:All the people of the travelling nation W: W:5 W:I've made willow creels and the heather besoms W:And I've even done some begging and some hawkin' W:And I've lain there spent rapped up in my tent W:And I've listened to the old folks talking W: W:6 W:All you freeborn men of the travelling people W:Every tinker rolling stone and gypsy rover W:Winds of change are blowing old ways are going W:Your travelling days will soon be over


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