(:redirect quiet=1:) %abc-2.1 X:1 T:Trinden Grange Explosion B:Palmer, R,A Ballad History of England,BT Batsford Ltd, 1979 C:Thomas Armstrong, 1882 S:R Sewell, Newcastle, 1951 Z:A L Lloyd F:http://www.folkinfo.org/songs

1/4=100 %Tempo

M:6/8 %Meter L:1/8 % K:D A |F2 F D E F |E D z =C2 D |E2 D D2 D | D2-D3 w:Lets not think a-bout to-mor-row, Lest we dis-ap-poin-ted be* D |F2 A B2 B |A2 A (AB) c |d2 d A2 F | G2-G3 w: Our joys may turn to sor-row As_ we all may dai-ly see* D |F2 A B2 B |A2 A (AB) c |d2 d A2 F | G2-G3 w:To-day we're strong and heal-thy But_ how soon there comes a change* A |F F F D E F |E2 D =C2 D |E2 D D2 D | D2-D3 |] w:As we may see from the ex-plo-sion That has been at Trim-don Grange* % W:1 W:O let's not think about to-morrow W:Lest we disappointed be, W:For all our joys they may quickly turn to sorrow W:As we all may daily see. W:To-day we're strong and healthy, W:Tomorrow there comes the change, W:As we may see from the explosion W:That has been at Trimdon Grange. W: W:2 W:Men and boys set out that morning W:For to earn their daily bread, W:Never thinking that by the evening W:They'd be numbered with the dead. W:Let's think of Mrs Burnett W:Once had sons but now has none; W:In the Trimdon Grange disaster W:Joseph George and James are gone. W: W:3 W:February has left behind it W:What will never be forgot; W:Weeping women and helpless children W:May be found in many's the cot. W:They ask if father's left them W:And the mother she hangs her head, W:With a weeping widow's feelings W:She tells the child its father's dead. W: W:4 W:God protect the lonely widow W:And raise each drooping head. W:Be a father unto the orphans W:Do not let them cry for brea.d W:Death will pay us all a visit, W:They have only gone before. W:And we will meet the Trimdon victims W:Where explosions are no more.


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Song by Thomas Armstrong

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