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L:1/4 K:F A,/2| D D| D3/2 D/2|E/2-D/2 C| D D/2D/2| D D| F G| A2-| A/2 z/2| A| w:A ho-li-day, a ho -li-day, and the first one of the year - Lord c c| A3/2 A/2| G E/2D/2| C3/2 C/2| D F| E C| D2-| D z/2| w:Ar-nold's wife to the church did go, the Gos-pel for to hear % W:A holiday, a holiday, and the first one of the year W:Lord Arnold's wife to the church did go, the Gospel for to hear W:. W:And when the meeting it was done, she cast her eyes about W:And there she spied little Matty Groves, walking in the crowd W:. W:"Come home with me little Matty Groves, come home with me tonight W:Come home with me little Matty Groves, and sleep with me till light W:. W:"Oh I can't come home and I won't come home, to sleep with you tonight W:By the rings on your fingers I can tell you are Lord Arnold's wife." W:. W:"What if I am Lord Arnold's wife, he is not at home W:He's away in the far cornfields, he's bringing the yearlings home W:. W:A servant who was standing by, hearing what was said W:Swore Lord Arnold he would know before the sun had set W:. W:And in his hurry to carry the news, he bent his breast and ran W:And when he came to the broad mill stream, he took off his shoes and swam W:. W:Little Matty Groves, he lay down and took a little sleep W:And when he woke Lord Arnold was standing at his feet W:. W:Saying "How do you like my feather bed, and how do you like my sheets W:And how do you like my lady gay who lies in your arms asleep W:. W:"Oh it's well I like your feather bed, better I like your sheets W:Best of all I like your lady who lies in my arms asleep W:. W:"Get up, get up," Lord Arnold cried, "get up as quick as you can W:For they'll never say in England that I killed a sleeping man W:. W:"Oh I can't get up, I won't get up, I wouldn't get up for my life W:For you have two long beaten swords, and I not a pocket knife W:. W:"It's true I have two beaten swords, and they cost me deep in my purse W:But you shall have the better of them, and I will use the worse W:. W:"And you shall strike me the very first blow, strike it like a man! W:For I will strike the very next blow, I'll kill you if I can W:. W:So Matty struck the very first blow, and he hurt Lord Arnold sore W:Lord Arnold struck the very next blow, and Matty struck no more W:. W:And then Lord Arnold he took his wife, and set her on his knee W:Saying "Who do you like the best of us now, your dead Matty Groves or me W:. W:And then up spoke his own dear wife, never heard to speak so free W:"I had rather a kiss from dead Matty's lips than you and your finery" W:. W:At that Lord Arnold he did jump up and loudly did he bawl W:He struck his wife right through the heart and pinned her against the wall W:. W:"A grave, a grave," Lord Arnold cried, "to put these lovers in W:But bury my lady at the top, for she was of noble kin % % % % % % % % % %]


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