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L:1/4 K:C "C" E E D | "C" C E G | "F" A2 A | "C" G2 E | "C" C2 C | "C" G2 E | "G" D2 G | w:Word - is to - the kit-chen gone and word is to the hall And "F" c2 c | "Em" (B3/2 B/2) A | "C" G E D | "Am" C2 (C/2D/2) | "C" E3/2 F/2 E | "G" (D3/2 E/2) D | "C" C3 || w:word is up - to Mad-am the Queen and - that's - the worst - of all % W:Word is to the kitchen gone W:And word is to the hall W:And word is up to Madam the Queen W:And that's the worst of all W: W:"Oh, rise, arise, Mary Hamilton W:Arise and tell to me W:What thou hast done with thy wee babe? W:I saw and heard weep by thee" W: W:"I put him in a tiny boat W:And cast him out to sea W:That he might sink or he might swim W:But he'd never come back to me" W: W:"Oh, rise, arise, Mary Hamilton W:Arise and come with me W:There is a wedding in Glasgow town W:This night we'll go and see" W: W:She put not on her robes of black W:Nor her robes of brown W:But she put on her robes of white W:To ride into Glasgow town W: W:As she rode into Glasgow town W:The city for to see W:The bailiff's wife and the provost's wife W:Cried, "Alack and alas for thee" W: W:"Ah, you need not weep for me", she cried W:"You need not weep for me W:For had I not slain my own wee babe W:This death I would not dee" W: W:"Oh, little did my mother think W:When first she cradled me W:The lands I was to travel in W:And the death I was to dee" W: W:"Last night I washed the Queen's feet W:And put the gold in her hair W:And the only reward I find for this W:The gallows to be my share" W: W:"Cast off, cast off my gown", she cried W:"But let my petticoat be W:And tie a napkin 'round my face W:The gallows I would not see" W: W:Then by 'em come the king himself W:Looked up with a pitiful eye W:"Come down, come down, Mary Hamilton W:Tonight you'll dine with me" W: W:"Oh, hold your tongue my sovereign liege W:And let your folly be W:For if you'd a mind to save my life W:You'd never have shamed me here" W: W:Last night there were four Marys W:Tonight there'll be but three W:It was Mary Beaton and Mary Seton W:And Mary Carmichael and me % % % % % % % % % %]


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